The WBSS Learn to Race classes are designed to be the perfect bridge for sailors who have completed our Fundamentals and/or Reacher sessions and want to further their sailing their skills and learn the basics of racing in a moderately competitive environment. Along with understanding the importance of working within a team atmosphere, students will be introduced to a the skills and techniques need to sail around a race course such as: how to start, proper sail trim, body positioning in the boat, how to read the wind, and the basic rules of racing. On certain Friday’s throughout each session, sailors are encouraged participate in a local Twin Cities Youth Sailing (TCYS) regattas. Boats are provided during class and daily charters($25/day) are available for regattas.

This program requires a solid understanding of Optimist sailing and provides young sailors between the ages of 8-14, who have completed our Fundamentals and/or Reachers class(or equivalent), with an introduction to racing and equipment. Learn to Race sailors will be introduced to the skills and techniques needed to sail around a race course in a fun, supporting, learning environment. On Friday's throughout each session, sailors may choose to participate in the “Green Fleet” (all beginners) at local a Twin Cities Youth Sailing (TCYS) Regatta or in club races on White Bear Lake. Boats are provided during class/practice and can be chartered for just one regatta, or for the duration of the session($100). For more information on local racing opportunities, visit the Racing section on our website.

Prerequisites: Between the ages of 8 - 14 years old, have completed Opti Fundamentals &/or Reachers or equivalent, and wants to learn how to race.

Session Dates No Class Days Times Fee # of Classes
OLR1 – Opti Learn to Race 06/12-06/29 Monday - Thursday 3:00pm-5:30pm $427 12 (+1 TCYS Regatta)
OLR2 – Opti Learn to Race 07/03-07/20 07/04 Monday - Thursday 3:00pm-5:30pm $427 11 (+ 3 TCYS Regattas)
OLR3 – Opti Learn to Race 07/24-08/10 Monday - Thursday 3:00pm-5:30pm $427 12 (+ 2 TCYS Regattas)
OLR4 – Opti Learn to Race 08/14-08/24 Monday - Thursday 3:00pm-5:30pm $305 8