Where is the Sailing School?
Lakeside Pavilion at White Bear Yacht Club, 56 Dellwood Ave, PO Box 10865, White Bear Lake, MN 55110, 651-429-8395.

What forms do I need to complete prior to class?
Registration, Waiver, and Emergency/Health Information forms should be completed prior to students’ first lesson. Racing classes will need to have both a student/athlete as well as a parent code of conduct form. You will provide most of this information when you enroll via our online system.

What gear does my child need?
Gear can vary slightly with the type of class your child is taking. For instance, Intermediate and Race Team sailors typically need more specialized equipment than Beginners. The basics, however, are the same:
• a USCG approved Type II or III PFD that fits (“room to grow” is a bad thing!). A nice and comfortable athletic type life jacket is a good investment—you don’t want you sailor to want to take it off! More PFD information is available on the USCG PFD information page .
• Rubber-soled, closed-toe shoes that stay on in the water (sport sandals, flip-flops are NOT acceptable).
• Sunscreen.
• Water Bottle—this is necessary.
• Change of clothes and a towel.
• A bag to carry gear to and from the sailing school each day.
• Clothing should be athletic.
• Dry fit, fleece and spandex clothing are best.
• Please do not send sailors in jeans and a sweatshirt which can become very heavy and uncomfortable when wet.

Which class should my child enroll in?
This Is dependent on the age and ability of your child. If your child is new to sailing and under the age of 12, you should consider enrolling into Beginning Opti classes. Older children new to sailing should start in Beginning Club 420 classes. Once your child has completed a session the Instructor will recommend what class your child should progress into. If you have any questions please email sailwbss@gmail.com

What types of boats are lessons taught on?
Opti— the Optimist Dinghy is globally recognized as the ideal platform for developing young sailors. This boat is sailed by one person which forces the sailor to learn more quickly.
420— Sailors in a wide range of weights can be competitive and comfortable in the 420. Safe for beginner sailors with just a main and a jib, this two person boat can quickly adapt for advanced sailors to learn teamwork, trapeze and spinnaker techniques.
Laser— The single-handed Laser is responsive, and a true test of a sailor’s athleticism. Our Laser Advanced Team uses all 3 laser rigs: Full (155-195 lbs.), Radial (115 -160 lbs.) and 4.7 (95-120 lbs.) This boat is the Olympic class boat for men (Full) and women (Radial) and can be sailed for a lifetime.
X-Boat— The X Boat has been the primary youth training boat in the Midwest for the last 70 years and has continued to play a major role in youth racing development. Major X Boat regattas consistently draw over 70 boats, giving young sailors a critical big fleet experience

Are boats provided?
Boats are provided for ALL Opti and Club 420 classes. Boats are available to charter for local TCYS OPTI Races.

I’m not enrolled in a class; can I rent one of the sailing school boats?
The White Bear Sailing School does NOT rent boats. All of our club-owned vessels are used for instruction during class time only. Boats may be chartered for class use, for classes where boats are not provided. The sailing school does not loan use of boats for any non youth sailing purposes to non-sailing school members.

How does my child advance to the next program level?
Promotions are made solely on the basis of instructors’ evaluation. If you have specific questions about advancement or your child’s sailing education, please contact the Waterfront Director at the Sailing School.

How soon should I register?
Classes fill very quickly, so register as soon as possible. If you encounter problems or need help please email sailwbss@gmail.com

Can I enroll / pay online?
Yes. In fact, that is the easiest and best way to register. Please make sure you include a valid email address. This is our primary form of communication and you may be left out of important information or events if not included.

Is there a waiting list?
If a course is full, a waiting list is available. Please contact the Sailing School to be placed on a wait list.

Can my child attend just part of a session?
Yes. However, there is no discount in the tuition.

If I have to drop the class, what happens?
Full refunds (less a $15 administrative charge) will be given up to three weeks prior to each session. Withdrawals within the three week prior to the beginning of a session will receive a 50% reimbursement. No refunds will be given after the session starts.

What should my child bring the first day?
His/her PFD, water shoes, change of clothes, towel, and a bag to transport all this gear, water bottle.

Does my child need to know how to swim?
At no time will students be allowed to swim or be on the docks without a PFD. For any class, a high level of comfort in and around the water is necessary, but strong swimming skills are not a must. Please know, students MUST PASS a swimming test and will be tested on the first day of class. However, this will be done with PFD’s and is primarily for instructors to gage comfort level and water and ensure proper fit of life jackets.

What is the WBSS weather and cancellation policy?
WBSS will NOT cancel classes due to weather. If there is severe weather before the day begins it is up to the family to decide whether or not they will bring their kids to sailing. Indoor activities including lecture, games, videos and skits will be done. Students will not be sent out on the water if there is inclement weather. It will be up to the instructors of each class and the Director to decide whether or not to have the students sail in heavy winds.